1987 Fender Telecaster Custom (Japan, Black)

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Read in a Dartford accent...

"Alright..the bloody bridge pickup is twangy..the middle is position is, well, the middle, and the neck sounds a bit like, I dunno, kinda gruff. Sort a got it all covered really. In fact, I'd 'ave to say, this guitaaarr, kinda does everything. If I was stuck on a desert island, I'd wanna have one of these Tele Customs...not that that would ever 'appen...I mean, getting marooned doesn't seem to crop up that often..at least, not to my knowledge..but then again, maybe people do get stuck on islands...and you'd never 'ear about it..coz they can't call ya..and bottles with a message in 'em take for bloody ever to get anywhere"

'87 Telecaster Custom. Made in the Japanese Fender golden era. Very bloody handy if you are a castaway...very bloody handy if you are not.  Seymour Duncan 1/4 Pounder in the bridge, if you couldn't tell from the planet-sized pole pieces.  It rocks.  Like a boat.  #E728007.

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