Bigsby B12 Tailpiece with Tension Bar (Polished Aluminium)

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A Bigsby® equipped guitar will give you the expressive, fluid sound that only a true Bigsby vibrato can produce. The go-to choice for guitar players looking for unparalleled performance and vintage style, a Bigsby vibrato delivers smooth and accurate pitch changes, allowing you to create subtle vibrato effects. Its classic look and easy installation make it a popular choice for both guitarists and luthiers alike. Discover the Bigsby sound and take your playing to the next level.

The B12™ is slightly shorter than a B7™ and also features a tension bar to increase the break angle over the bridge. Designed for archtop solid body and semi-hollow body guitars including Gibson® Les Paul™ Standard/Custom, and Gibson 335.


  • For archtop solid body and semi-hollow body guitars
  • USA precision made low-friction needle bearings to accurately return string mounting bar to pitch
  • Cast aluminum frame and stainless steel handle
  • Mounting hardware included: including spring, washer, screws and felt pads
  • Mounts with six supplied screws that attach to guitar top (2) and near the strap button (3)

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