2013 Fender Ramparte Amp (Indonesia, 9 Watts, Eminence Red Coat)

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The discontinued and desirable Fender Ramparte. General consensus on these amps was that the original speaker was a bit lacklustre, but that is not of concern with the one we have here, as the previous owner has upgraded the stock speaker to an Eminence Red Coat. Good nick all round. Hows it sound, raggedy, in a very nice way. Has 2 inputs, Hot and Cool. I kinda prefer the Hot input myself, verges towards a british amp sound, but the Cool surely has it uses too. It'll clean up nicely if you roll your volume back on your guitar. Punches above its 9 watt rating too I reckon, totally gigable. Made in Indonesia, looks like it was recovered by your Gran (but it wasn't) #ICTL13001461.

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