Barnes & Mullins BJ350G Albert Open Back Banjo

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The "Albert" open back 5-string banjo from Barnes & Mullins is an authentic 'old-time' banjo. Unlike more commonly used bluegrass banjos, open back models produce a noticeably quieter sound than their resonator-equipped, louder siblings. Offering excellent sound & great looks to match, the BJ350G has mother of pearl inlays on the fingerboard & headstock.

This B&M ‘Albert’ 5-string open back banjo is – like all open back banjos – a great choice for ‘Clawhammer’ players. Clawhammer playing employs a percussive technique where the index or middle fingers are used to strike the strings rather than finger picks – with the hand in a ‘claw’ shape.

This technique naturally produces a softer sound that is complimented perfectly by an open back instrument as it is quieter and more subdued tonally as some of the sound escapes through the back towards the player.

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