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New Zealand's Ghost Wave return with their sophomore album Radio Norfolk.Following on from 2013s Ages the groups latest sees the duo explore deeper into their psychedelic sound, while adding a more electronic focus to their sunny warped songs that mix the sound of Flying Nun bands of the 80s, the British explosion of the 60s and the wayfaring dubs of Lee "Scratch" Perry. On top of this, they aptly brought on the talents of Spaceman 3's Sonic Boom to master the record.From the lead single, Blues Signal 79 through to the recent All U Do Is Kill, Radio Norfolk is a series of trippy, psych hooks filled with clashes of keys, organs, and percussion.Inspired by skate vids, persian rugs and the music of Little Richard, you could simply characterise Ghost Wave by jangly guitars underpinned by motor-style rhythms and a unique melodic sensibility. Yet, with Radio Norfolk they have gone further than that, creating something even more captivating and intriguing. In their own words, it's "the countdown to the meltdown”.

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