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Thanks to three awesome onboard, studio-grade, and award-winning reverb algorithms, the ultra-tasty SKYSURFER REVERB is the premium yet affordable answer to your reverb dreams and prayers. Versatile spring, plate, and hall reverb's mean you can skim effortlessly across a deep-green churning ocean, swim in a cavernous grotto, or soar through the ambient spray of the surf. Put simply, SKYSURFER REVERB is your one-way ticket to the perfect wave!

Unlike many of our competitors’ budget-friendly reverb pedals that often disrespect your tone, SKYSURFER REVERB is the perfect beach buddy. Designed around superb studio-quality algorithms, SKYSURFER REVERB provides all the lush, transparent reverb sounds you could ever dream of – with a true bypass for ultimate signal integrity that doesn't compromise your original tone. Finally, a reverb pedal that’ll do great things for both your wallet and your tone – SKYSURFER REVERB!

SKYSURFER REVERB offers 3 easy flavors of reverbs sure to add the perfect amount of color and space to your playing. Spring provides all the drippy, splashy goodness of an old-school reverb tank, which is great for a full-on Dick Dale-style surf attack, while Room and Hall let you take your tone from earthy and organic – to interstellar spaceflight. With a "Built-like-a-tank" metal chassis the SKYSURFER REVERB is robust yet portable as it can run on a 9V battery or the TC Electronic Powerplug 9 (not included with purchase).

The SKYSURFER REVERB is designed and engineered in Denmark and comes with a 3-Year Warranty Program.

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