1978 BC Rich Mockingbird (USA, OHSC)

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Gosh, I have such a soft spot for these early production B.C. Rich guitars. Like Hamer, the early BCs were something else.  I have a feeling that both of those companies at that time were trying to build modern  guitars with the build quality of the 1950s golden age electrics. 

This may well be one of the best guitars I have ever played. Everything feels in the right spot, and those 1970s Dimarzio pickups are out of sight. 

The build is a complete knockout, neck through design, rosewood board..really, no expense was spared. I remember seeing an early BC Rich in Downtown on Parramatta Road that was around $2500 around 30 years ago, and feeling that, although it was expensive, it was worth every cent. I can only see these early BC's guitars increasing in value..so, to quote Hunter S.Thompson "Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride" 

Ok, so a couple of things worth noting..I have never seen another Mockingbird that looked exactly like this, with the colour on the body wings. Doesn't look like a refin. It has a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge, and a Super 2 in the neck...most likely stock, but again, unusual. Our feeling is that this could have been a Custom, one off build. Either way, you are unlikely to run into someone with a guitar that looks exactly like this. Pots have been changed throughout and date to the 90s era. 

Anyway, as I'm sure you have gathered by now, this is a very special guitar.  I'd like it very much if we could find this guitar a forever home, or at the very least a long-term custodian. I feel these guitars are an important part of the history of US guitar-building, but more importantly, they are an absolute pleasure to play. 



Comes with the original hard shell case, Made in the USA #80011

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