2014 Kramer Classic Series Pacer (Indonesia, Neon Green/Yellow)

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2014 Kramer Classic Series Pacer in Neon Green/Yellow with matching headstock. Yes, it will glow under a fluroescent light... wow, woahhh, coooool... I know right? Yes. Free set of sunglasses with this guitar so as not to blind yourself whilst you shred some tasty hot licks as you don your finest pair of leopard print pants in your Steel Panther esque rock outfit. Fitted with a floyd rose there shall be dive bombs a plenty to your hearts content. Mohogany body, black hardware. Flat 14" radius, maple neck and fingerboard, medium frets (with plenty o' life left in them) Original pickups have been replaced with an off brand humbucker in the neck and Bill Lawrence L500 dual blade humbucker in the bridge. Serial 14042904493

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