British Pedal Co. Britsound Fuzz MKIII (3x OC75 Transistors, Made in the UK)

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We are pleased to offer the new Britsound Fuzz Pedals. Based on the 1968 style MKIII Tone Bender fuzz, it features 3x OC75 Transistors, Volume, Fuzz, and Treble Control. This was the fuzz which can be seen being used by Jimmy Page in 1969 with Led Zeppelin.

Ltd Edition Britsound Fuzz

  • 1968 Reissue
  • MKIII Style Tone Bender Fuzz
  • Hand Built in the UK
  • Original Circuit design
  • Stamped Aluminium Casing
  • 3x Gain Matched OC75 Transistors
  • Volume Treble & Fuzz Controls
  • Silver Hammer Finish
  • Hand-applied Graphics
  • Limited Edition
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • BPC Bag & Accessories


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