DiMarzio Humbucker From Hell (DP156B)

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Because a conventional humbucker senses the string at two different places, it cancels some frequencies along with the hum. What if there was a humbucker that cancelled fewer frequencies? It would be brighter and cleaner: almost glassy-sounding. In other words, it would sound a lot like a Strat pickup, but with about the same power as a PAF. We created The Humbucker From Hell¬Æ primarily as a neck pickup. You won‚Äôt believe how much it will open up the sound in the neck position of a Gibson Les Paul, and it has an almost acoustic quality in the neck spot of a bolt-on guitar. Why is it called The Humbucker From Hell? Try it in the bridge position with a bright amp ‚Äî but put in your earplugs first, and don‚Äôt say you weren‚Äôt warned. 

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