DiMarzio Injector for Bridge

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We first heard about Paul Gilbert in the 1980s. Billy Sheehan told us about an amazing 18-year-old who had recently arrived in California and had blown everyone away with his musicianship, speed, and awesome technical ability in Racer X. Naturally, we immediately asked Paul to become a DiMarzio��_ endorser. It was the start of a great relationship.

Recently, Paul has been heavily into our Area��_��_ pickups. He��_�s also been playing a lot of Racer X-style instrumentals, so the time was right for signature Paul Gilbert single-coil sized DiMarzio��_ pickups. The outcome of our teamwork are the new��_��_Injector��_��_ Neck��_��_and Bridge Model pickups. Paul loves the results, and you can hear them on his latest CD, ��_��_��_Fuzz Universe��_�.

Available in White, Black, Blue, Aged White, Cream, Green, Mint Green, Pink, Red and Yellow.

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