DiMarzio Pro Track Humbucker (DP188)

Colour: Black
Sale price$195.00
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It��_�s warm, it��_�s friendly, it sounds like a vintage PAF��_ and will drop right into your Strat��_. The Pro Track��_��_ has enough power for any pickup position, and the twin black blades mean there won��_�t be any problems with string-alignment or dropouts. In the bridge position, this is a great blues pickup: combine it with a Fast Track 1��_��_ or Chopper��_��_ (neck) and The Cruiser��_ (middle) for a solid mix. Match a Pro Track��_��_ in the neck with a Fast Track 2��_��_ or any full-size humbucker in the bridge position for a heavy yet versatile rock sound.

Available in Black or White.

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