DiMarzio The Tone Zone S Humbucker Pickup for Stratocaster (DP189)

Colour: White
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The Tone Zone��_ S brings the famous performance of The Tone Zone��_ to a humbucking Strat��_ replacement pickup. We��_�ve built in the tremendous mid-range and bass response of the original Tone Zone��_, and the same patented dual-resonance design produces great harmonics. We also took into account the likelihood of installing The Tone Zone��_ S in the classic slanted Strat��_ bridge position, warming up the higher frequencies and brightening the low notes a little. It has 4-conductor wiring for parallel humbucking and split-coil modes, and makes a great bridge position combination with the Pro Track��_��_, The Chopper��_��_, and Fast Track 1��_��_.

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