Fender Made in Japan Traditional '70s Telecaster Custom (Maple Fingerboard, Black)

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Made in Japan Traditional series derived by fusing the aesthetics of Fender's traditional musical instrument making with the sophisticated craftsmanship of Japan. The orthodox DNA of Fender is a certain Made in. It will be revived with Japan quality. Made in Japan Traditional 70s Telecaster® Custom has a gloss finish ash body. A 9.5-inch radius "U" shaped maple neck with 21 vintage-style frets provides a classic performance that is unique to the Traditional series. Vintage-style Tele® bridges with three slotted barrels, and original pickups selected for the Traditional series produce realistic, musical vintage tones. The narrowly designed nut width makes it easy for Japanese players to play. A solid guitar craftsmanship and flexible answers to the needs of the player are reflected in this series.

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