Fender Road Worn 6-In-Line Tuning Machines (Aged Chrome)

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Vintage-style tuners aged to perfection
Upgrade or restore your well-loved guitar with genuine Fender parts.

Crafted to give your Strat or Tele the aged look and feel of a well-loved original, Road Worn parts are genuine Fender replacement parts. Designed to the same specifications as their original-era counterparts, and wearing the patina of age, Road Worn parts let you easily customize your guitar with vintage-inspired aesthetics.


  • 6-in-line tuning machines
  • 14:1 gear ratio
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 11/32" (8.8mm) peghole required
  • Set of 6

Used on: MIM Deluxe, Classic, Classic Player, and Road Worn Series guitars

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