Hercules Auto Grab Guitar Stand (GS422BPLUS)

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Hercules Auto Grab Guitar Stand w/ Rest accommodates two instruments and features the foldable Auto Grip System (AGS) yokes, Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber contacts, and adjustable backrests. The Upgraded AGS yoke is designed to accommodate more guitar neck sizes from 40 mm – 52 mm (1.57” - 2.05”) including classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitars.  Two folding built-in Auto Grip Systems safely lock instrument(s) in place. The Comfort Grip with Locking Pin adjusts stand height quickly, easily and securely. The Folding Backrest supports instrument securely, has multi-angle position adjustment and folds up securely for travel.

Specially Formulated Rubber Foam fully protects the instrument at all contact points.

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