Laney LA30BL Black Country Customs Supergroup (Limited Edition, 30w head)

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Built to a design conceived in 1968, and not built until the present, the LA30BL is a single channel, non-master volume style head. Delivering a toneful 30 watts its simple lay and relatively clean uncompressed output make it the ideal pedal platform. A modern-day SUPERGROUP - The LA30BL is a modern amplifier that sounds like a classic rock machine. 

A Class AB power section is based on the notion that music is a waveform and linear in nature – i.e. you only get a +ve section followed by a -ve section, you never get a +ve & -ve occurring at the same time. In a Class AB amplifier, the input signal is split into the +ve and the -ve sides of the waveform and each respective part is sent to a separate tube or tubes and amplified accordingly.

12AX7A & EL34 loaded

Bass channel & Treble channel

3 Band EQ

30 watts RMS

Inputs can be jumpered

Ideal Pedal platform

Vintage design box frame output transformer

Gain Control

Presence Control

Speaker outputs 1x 16 Ohm , 1x 8 Ohm & 1x 4 Ohm

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