Laney Cub Super12 Valve Amplifier with Reverb (CUB-SUPER12)

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Introducing the brand new CUB valve amp from Laney!

The CUB-SUPER12 is a great sounding boutique style all tube amp featuring an ergonomic, straight-ahead single channel, with three-band EQ plus a dynamic, foot-switchable BOOST function. The CUB-SUPER12 features a foot-switchable onboard reverb powered by the highly acclaimed spring reverb. 

Loaded with a custom-designed and voiced HH 12” driver the CUB-SUPER12 delivers 15 watts of pure class and features the ability to be run at <1 Watt by plugging into the <1 Watt input. The CUB-SUPER12 is loaded with 3 hand selected 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and a pair of EL84 output tubes in the output section. The CUB-SUPER12 also has an insert style FX loop and external speaker socket.

A great option for practising at home, as well as playing live! 

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