Laney Lionheart L5-STUDIO 5W Studio Head w USB Out

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Lionheart, uniquely responsive boutique British Single-Ended Class-A tube tone. The L5-STUDIO brings Single-Ended Class-A tube tone into the digital realm! T-USB equipped means Lionheart tone direct into your DAW.

Play through a Lionheart, it reacts to your touch. From the moment you strike a note you're connected. Let the music flow through you from your fingers to the guitar, through the amplifier to the beating heart of the speaker.

Designed and engineered with pride in Great Britain, The Lionheart L5-STUDIO brings boutique Single-Ended Class-A tube tone into the digital realm!

The L5-STUDIO is the first and only Single-Ended Class-A tube amplifier that has the ability to interface directly with any DAW* using Laney's unique T-USB technology. The T-USB interface supplies both a dry signal and the processed signal split left and right to your DAW  directly into either your PC/MAC or iPad*, which means that you can alter the guitar tone of your original recording without having to re-track anything! And do it silently.

The L5-Studio features a chrome twin channel pre amp with a Bright switch, shared 3-band EQ and a global Tone and Studio-quality Digital Reverb.

Capable of delivering either 5 watts RMS or 0.5 watts RMS of pure boutique Single-Ended Class-A tube tone depending on your speaker output choice.

The L5-STUDIO features a switchable FX loop so you can connect the outboard gear of your choice, an AUX-in socket for connecting external sound sources and is supplied with a stylish Lionheart cover and FS2 footswitch.

*The Lionheart L5-STUDIO works across any platform whether it's PC/MAC/iPad/Android

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