Lehle Little Lehle III

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• True Bypass effects looper and AB switch
• Hum-free and noiseless switching
• Three different operating modes: Latching, Momentary or Mixed Mode
• Mono and stereo functionality
• Active pop suppression circuit

The LITTLE LEHLE III - The universal Lehle switching and looping tool.
The LITTLE LEHLE III allows you to remove effects pedals from your signal path at the press of a button.
A signal can be picked off at any point in the signal chain, for example allowing you to switch to an instrument tuner. The LITTLE LEHLE III can also be used to switch between two instruments with one amp or, vice versa, between two amps with one instrument. Extremely diverse sound sources are no problem. Signals from pickups, microphones and keyboard line-out sockets are routed loss-free to a target amplifier or recorder. All jack sockets are stereo, so you can re-route balanced signals too.

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