Martin Authentic Lifespan 2.0 Treated Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Gauge: Custom Light (11-52)
Sale price$25.99
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Treated NOT coated! Introducing the newly formulated long-life offering from Martin Authentic. Upon the request of discerning players, Life-Span 2.0 delivers a true feeling and sounding string with a high performance, long life quality built right in! 

Gone are the days of a tone inhibiting micro-film coating. Life-Span 2.0 are non-corrosive on a foundational level. All strings (including the trebles) are treated with a Martin patented process prior to winding. This technology was developed to protect the core wire and the wrap wire to prevent corrosion without compromising tone.

The result is a long life string which feels, sounds and play great - and at a price point that's cheaper than typical 'coated' long life strings!

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