MXR Distortion + (MXR104)

Product image 1MXR Distortion + (MXR104)
Product image 2MXR Distortion + (MXR104)
Product image 3MXR Distortion + (MXR104)
Product image 4MXR Distortion + (MXR104)
Product image 5MXR Distortion + (MXR104)
Product image 6MXR Distortion + (MXR104)

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The little yellow box responsible for great distortion sounds heard on many classic recordings.��

Featuring a soft-clipping, germanium-based circuit, the Distortion + offers warm, tubey overdrive through to gnarly fuzz with a super-simple two knob interface.
Set the Distortion control low and crank the Output knob to drive the front end of your amp for cool blues tones, or max out the Distortion knob for classic early 80s hard rock tone.��

A classic since the mid-seventies, the Distortion + is a great choice for no frills, American-made dirt box.

5 Year Limited Warranty

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