MXR Micro Amp (M133)

Product image 1MXR Micro Amp (M133)
Product image 2MXR Micro Amp (M133)
Product image 3MXR Micro Amp (M133)
Product image 4MXR Micro Amp (M133)
Product image 5MXR Micro Amp (M133)
Product image 6MXR Micro Amp (M133)

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The MXR Micro Amp level booster pedal lets you take control of your volume level before your signal goes to the amp! Boost your signal for leads and switch it on when you need it.��

Use the Micro Amp to match the output levels of your humbucker-equipped guitar and your single-coil axe. Push your tube amp into that golden tone zone. If you use several pedals, this handy unit lets you bring your signal back up to the level you need before it goes to the amp.��

5 Year Limited Warranty

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