ProCo Rat 'Solo Rat' Distortion

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The ProCo Solo Distortion Pedal brings you the latest member of the stompbox family. Housed in the same indestructible and roadworthy steel enclosure that's become a trademark of the ProCo stompboxes; although making a departure from the renowned RAT series in more ways than just the looks. Boasting an enormous range of tones, 3 way selectable "hot, melt & burn" modes, as well as highly interactive "scoop" and "tone" controls. So it shapes up to be one of the most versatile pedals in your arsenal. But don't let the name fool you.

The 100% analog SOLO Distortion Pedal is no one-trick pony and is equally at ease in both lead and rhythm capacities. AS well as a huge variety of both amplifiers and guitars.

So whether you're looking for vibey, chewy, warm low gain tone. To deliciously mean and crushing high gain tones; the SOLO remains true to the sound that matters most. Staying true to the sound of your guitar, true-bypass switching ensures that when you're off the pedal, there's no colouration in your sound. Additionally, even in its highest gain settings, the SOLO Distortion Pedal remains tube-like, articulate, and touch-sensitive. Complex chords ring out with clarity, while your leads sustain with ease. Then roll back your volume knob and it will clean up just like a good old tube amp would. Using three pairs of carefully matched diodes, the SOLO Distortion Pedal produces asymmetrical clipping. With each of the three pairs accessible via the "hot, melt, burn" slider switch. This gives you the effect of making the SOLO clip just like a tube amp going into natural power-tube distortion. Just like the SOLO Distortion Pedal, ProCo is renowned for a number of high quality effects pedals including the RAT2, Turbo Rat, You Dirty RAT, and Deucetone. With each effect having its own unique tonal structure.

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