1964 Fender Bandmaster Amp Black Panel.

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Classic 'Blackface' era Fender amplifier. A very comfortable 40w of tube power. Powered by 1x 12AT7, 3x 12AX7 & 2x 6L6's. The Bandmaster runs a solid-state rectifier which gives the amplifier a slightly tighter, clearer bottom end and a touch more headroom than comparable tube rectified Fender amps. Beautifully voiced vintage Fender amplifier with enough clean headroom for most band applications and quiet enough to push into breakup on most stages. Amp begins to push the edge of breakup at around 4-5 with single coils and around 3-4 with humbuckers. Running a 240V transformer (replaced) so the unit can be powered without a step-down transformer. 

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