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c2000s Kay Thin Twin Reissue (OHSC)c2000s Kay Thin Twin Reissue (OHSC)
2016 Fender Telecaster (Natural, MIJ)2016 Fender Telecaster (Natural, MIJ)
2016 Fender Jazzmaster (Olympic White, MIJ)2016 Fender Jazzmaster (Olympic White, MIJ)
2004 Fender Jazzmaster (Sunburst, CIJ)2004 Fender Jazzmaster (Sunburst, CIJ)
2014 Fender Stratocaster (Daphne Blue, MIJ)2014 Fender Stratocaster (Daphne Blue, MIJ)
1993 Fender Stratocaster (Olympic White, MIJ)1993 Fender Stratocaster (Olympic White, MIJ)
2014 Fender Telecaster (White Blonde, MIJ)2014 Fender Telecaster (White Blonde, MIJ)
SX Les Paul Style Electric GuitarSX Les Paul Style Electric Guitar
SX SG Style Electric GuitarSX SG Style Electric Guitar
SX ASH3N American Ash Telecaster
SX ASH2R American Ash Stratocaster
1962 Maton 545 Premier (#3 of 145, OHSC)1962 Maton 545 Premier (#3 of 145, OHSC)
c1959 Maton EG-240 Supreme (OHSC)c1959 Maton EG-240 Supreme (OHSC)
2000s Danelectro '63 Reissue (Redburst)2000s Danelectro '63 Reissue (Redburst)
2011 Fender Jazzmaster (MIM, Sunburst, HSC)2011 Fender Jazzmaster (MIM, Sunburst, HSC)
1997 Gibson Les Paul Studio (Alpine White, HSC)1997 Gibson Les Paul Studio (Alpine White, HSC)
SX VES62 Vintage Series '62 Stratocaster (Rosewood Fretboard)

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